How To Get A Canada Visit Visa From Pakistan 2024 At Lowest Price

How To Get A Canada Visit Visa From Pakistan 2024 At Lowest Price

One of the most livable international locations in the world is Canada, most famous locations on each and every traveler’s bucket list. Here is a entire information about how to get for a Canada go to visa in 2024 from Pakistan. The North American usa boasts snow-covered mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, a easy rural lifestyle, and meticulously deliberate cosmopolitan cities that draw hundreds of thousands of tourists. The authorities of Pakistan is additionally a famous traveler enchantment amongst Pakistanis.

Fee Details For Canada Visa Application Online Visitor Visa

Want to be aware of how an awful lot a Canada traveller visa software costs? A breakdown of Canadian visa charges in Pakistan for 2024 is furnished below.

Type of FeeAmount in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Visitor visa application fee$100
Visitor visa application fee per family (5 or more people)$500
Extension of stay per person$100
Biometrics per person $85

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements In 2024

Most human beings want a go to visa to go to Canada, except they are residents of Canada, the United States, or any other usa different than Pakistan. If twin residents are in a position to tour electronically, they only want to acquire an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) relying on their situation.

Visa Types For Canadian Residents

  • Various kinds of visas and classes are supplied with the aid of the Canadian government.
  1. Work visas
  2. Visitor visas
  3. Business Immigrant visas
  4. Permanent Residence visas
  5. Express Entry Program visas
  6. Student visas

Types Of Canadian Temporary Resident Visas

  • Temporary Resident Visas fall into the following categories:
  • Canada Visitor Visa: This kind of visa is regularlyutilized for through Pakistanis. Often referred to as a visitor visa, it permits you to go to Canada.
  • Canada Super Visa: This visa is designed to providedad and mom and grandparents of Canadian residents the probability to go to them.
  • Diplomatic and Official Visa for Canada: Government officers and diplomats can practice for this visa to go to Canada for respectable reasons
  • Canada Courtesy Visa: Designed for authoritiesofficers and diplomats now not eligible for diplomacy or reliable status.
  • Facilitation Visa: Dual nationals with Canadian passports can enter the united states of america with this visa.
  • People and Delegations Visa: Business executives and delegations are issued this kind of TRV when attending seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, and changesuggests in Canada.
  • Dual Intent Visa: People with this visa can observe for a everlasting resident visa whilst they are in Canada

Eligibility Criteria For Visit Visa To Canada From Pakistan Processing Time

  • To be eligible for a traveler visa to Canada (or any different brief visa, for that matter).
  • Primary candidatesneed to be 18 years of age or older
  • Ensure your passport has at least one cleanweb page (excluding the closing page) to stamp the visa.
  • At least six months have to be left on the passport
  • Translate identity, education, and household documents
  • Neither a criminalreport nor convictions touching on to human rights or immigration
  • Funds to cowl the period of your continue to be in Canada and the visa software fees
  • The applicant should have adequate ties to Pakistan to persuade visa officers that they will depart Canada after the trip

Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa

  • Here is a listing of the files required for a Canadian visa software from Pakistan. Depending on the situation, these archiveshave to be in English or French.
  1. Passports in precise standing
  2. Documents of identification (such as the National Identity Card or the Family Registration Form)
  3. Completed Canada Tourist Visa Application
  4. The financial institution announcement or every other monetary assertion is proof of funds
  5. Reservations for flights and accommodations are protected in a entire journey itinerary
  6. An invitation letter is required when travelling family or pals in Canada
  7. Show proof of your relationship with siblings, parents, and adolescents when you go to them
  8. Visiting household and friends’ immigration statuses
  9. Your household or friends’ financial institution statements if they are paying for your trip
  10. Documents associated to training (degrees and diplomas)
  11. Letter of employment with important points about your contractual responsibilities that require you to return to your usa of origin
  12. Proof of your exit from Canada, deed, lease, or hire agreement
  13. Police clearance certificates or court docket archives proving your innocence
  14. Record preserving for scientific purposes
  15. Purchasing tour insurance
  16. Visa Declaration Letter to the Canadian Government explaining why you deserve a visa
  17. Upload your photo graphin accordance to the Canada Photo Requirements.

How To Apply For Canada Visit Visa From Pakistan In 2024

  1. The following information will exhibit you how to practiceon line for a Canadian vacationer visa.

Apply For works Visa

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