PPSC ASI Punjab Police Mcqs(Solved Paper)


Solved PPSC ASI Punjab Police (Service Quota) Paper

  1. Which person is remembered as teacher of Medina? Mus’ab Ibn Umayg RA)
  2. Which Muslim scientist is considered as founder of chemistry? Jabir Ibn Hayyan
  3. Which pillar of Islam washes sins like water? |Haj
  4. Who purchased the well of Ruma and declared it as Trust? Hazrat Usman (R.A)
  5. Holy Prophet performed only: 4 Umrahs
  6. Which mosque was ordered by Allah to destroy? Zirar
  7. MS Access arranges the data in: Tables (Rows &columns)
  8. Which country showed its intention to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty? Russia
  9. In MS Excel, ready-made templates are available under tab in new option: File
  10. Smart Card is a: Micro-processor
  11. The view that displays the slides of presentation as miniature representations of the slides is called: Slides Starter View
  12. Francois Barnier was a:French Traveler (Physician)
  13. Indus water treaty between India & Pakistan was brokered by: World Bank
  14. Great Salt lake is situated in: State of |Utahin US
  15. Pothohar plateau and salt range region lies between: indus & Jhelum Rivers
  16. Which cannot be part of an email address: |Space (
  17. The topic of email is called: Subject
  18. SOS stands for: Save Our Souls
  19. __ is used to destroy or inhibit growth of destroy: Antibiotice.
  20. Value of 3.4×1.4/0.7 – = 7
  21. If X.Y are two positive real numbers and X^1/3 = y^1/4, then which of the following relation is true: X20-XA15 (None of the above)
  22. Product of two numbers is 72. Find the other number when one is 9?
  23. Sum of two numbers is 40 and their difference is 4. Ratio of the numbers is: 11:9
  24. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% of third numbers. What percentage is the first of the second? |40%
  25. 15 men were hired to plough a piece of land in 10 days. Ho many more men will be required to do the same job in 3 days? 50
  26. It’s compulsory for Mansabdar to hold at least horsemen: 200-600
  27. Low silicon, oxygen and high iron, magnesium are the characteristics of magma: Mafic and Felsic
  28. A cooling agent that has lower temperature than water ice is a solid form of: Carbon Dioxider
  29. Biogas is produced as a result anaerobic decay of organic matter consist of gasses: CH4 & CO2
  30. The _ option is used to refine the search results: Advanced Search
  31. The project allows access to the universe of online information using two simple user interface operations: World-wide Web
  32. Personal logs posted on web is called: Blogs
  33. We can start MS word by typing _ in the Run Dialog ox: winword.exe
  34. That charming girl was the of all eyes: cynosure
  35. Water at 32 Fahrenheit and boils at 212 F? Freezes
  36. Correct it: He took his birth in 1961? He was born in 1961
  37. Many young men were at street corners for the coffee bar to open: Hanging about
  38. You have no business to pain on a weak and poor person: Inflict
  39. A speech without any previous preparation is called: Extempore
  40. A part of word that can be pronounced separately is called: syllable
  41. A person who loves mankind is called: Philanthropist
  42. In MS Excel we can add chart from: Insert Tab
  43. The capability of the organization to ensure high quality data is called: Data Analysis
  44. A repository for data, usually covering specific is: Data-bank
  45. “One’s light undera bushel” means: To conceal one’s talents
  46. “Hair breath’s escape” means: A narrow escape
  47. “To fish in troubled water means: To make a personal profit out of a disturbance
  48. “Rule of thumb” means: a rough estimate
  49. “Go astray” means: Misguided
  50. “Face the music” means: Bear the consequences
  51. “To cut the mustard” means: To come up with expectations
  52. “At arm’s length” means: At a distance
  53. Which cannot be approached or reached is called: inaccessible
  54. A government that is carried on through officers is called: Bureaucracy (None of the options
  55. Policemen riding on motorcycles as guards of VIP are called: Outriders| (None of options)
  56. A place where pigs are kept is called: Sty
  57. The government of Muhammad Khan Junejo was dismissed on: 29 May 1988 (by Zia ul Haq)
  58. Fatima Jinnah died in: 1967
  59. Seats for Non-Muslims in Punjab Assembly are: 8
  60. Degree of Greenwich in England is: 0
  61. Khyber Pass connects Peshawar to: Kabu
  62. Ctrl+U is short key for: Underline9
  63. In February 2020, former batsman Nasir Jamshed was sentenced to years in prison by UK court? 17 months
  64. Which shortcut key is used to “refresh” a computer?F5
  65. Tenure of Akbar the great is: 1556-1605
  66. “Nurek” is a: Dam (in Tajikistan)
  67. UPS stands for: Uninterruptible Power Supply
  68. “Inert” is opposite to: Moving
  69. Who is considered one of the great investors in the world? Warren Buffet
  70. Current PCB Chairman is: Ramiz Raja| (None of the options)
  71. “Sign up” deals with: creating new email
  72. “Zany” means: Clown
  73. She is prettier her sister: Than
  74. In MS excel, “Undo” is used to: reverse (change)
  75. Fath makkah took place in: 8 Hiji
  76. In MS Excel, ready-made templates are available under tab in new option: File
  77. Correct the sentence: How dare you speak against me
  78. I think it fit to go and settle the matter to him: |None( think to settle the matter with him)
  79. Antonym of “Zeal” is: Apathy
  80. Antonym of “Facsimile” (copy) is: Original
  81. Antonym of “Waive” : Demand (None of the options)
  82. Antonym of “Fickle”: Steadfast
  83. Antonym of “Venerate is: Defame
  84. Antonym of “Gallant” is: Coward (None of the options)
  85. Antonym of “Anomalous” is: Usual
  86. “Devilish” means: Satanic
  87. “Fraud” means:
  88. “Vulgar” means: Obscene (None of the options)
  89. “Subjugate” means: Conque
  90. “Turn up” means: Appea (None of the options)
  91. “Wreck’ means: Ruin
  92. “Uncivilized” means: Vulgay (None of the options)
  93. In MS Power point, record slide show can record: Slide and animation timings
  94. In Ms Excel, a formula that looks for a value in left most column of a table and then returns a value in the same row from a specified column: Vertical looku


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