Motor Vehicle registration transfer of ownership online in Punjab

Motor Vehicle registration

Federal Government of Pakistan and Punjab Government Excise Digitalization was first time declared the Online Transfer system of Vehicle Ownership in the province of Pakistan, Punjab. The online motor vehicle registration and transfer system of ownership has been started from 1st January, 2022. So, now the new vehicle owners can easily online register him / her self and also transfer the ownership through online system.

The motor vehicles ownership will transfer from one person to other by the biometric system.

Benefits of Online Registration & Transfer of Motor Ownership:

Online registration of new motor and transfer of ownership provides many benefits. These benefits are;

Motor owner does not need to visit offices after such online system.
There is no chance of any fraud and no extra chargers required.
No one can change the motor vehicle ownership from office’s biometric system. There is full proof security system to secure vehicle’s ownership.

How to Apply for New Vehicle Registration and Transfer of Ownership Online in Punjab?

The new vehicle owner who register him / her self or to transfer the ownership can online apply for such process. The online registration is started from January 1, 2022. Transfer of vehicle ownership and registration for new motor is opened by “Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department Punjab Government” at

The Motor owners can online apply for registration or ownership transfer system through the Government of Punjab Excise official website link

For any query or to get any information, you can contact the excise government of Punjab through its helpline number 0800-08786.

Required Documents for Online Transfer of Motor Ownership in Punjab:

  • Must attach scanned Transfer Order (TO) Form
  • Seller’s ID Card Copy
  • Must attach buyer’s ID Card Copy
  • Witnesses ID Card Copies
  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate along with Token Tax Payment.
  •  Original Registration File should attach in case of motor vehicle registration is under the “File Return Scheme System”.
  • Must attach Duplicate Registration Certificate of Vehicle.
  • Application should submit in Prescribed Form.

Fee Description of Ownership Transfer:

For the public convenience, here we mention the Fee details for transfer of ownership.

Motor Ownership Transfer Fee:

Rates of all Vehicle Ownership Transfer Fee are given below.

Motorcycle or Scooter Ownership Transfer Fee Rate is PKR Rs 150/-
Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) Transfer Fee is PKR Rs 4,000/-
Not Exceeding of 1000cc Vehicle Transfer Fee is PKR Rs  1,200/-
Exceeding of 1000cc  Vehicle but not Exceed to more than 1800cc Fee is PKR Rs 2,000/-
Exceeding of 1800cc Vehicle Fee is PKR Rs 3,000/-

Required Documents for Online Registration of New Motor:

Here is online registration process available for 2 types of motor vehicles such as locally manufactured and imported manufactured vehicles. We are mentioning here the required documents for both types of online motor registration.

Locally Manufactured Motor Registration Documents;

The documents are required for new motor registration to register on the name of original buyer.

Application for Registration of Motor required “Form-F”
Motor Owner’s ID Card Copy
Must attach Motor’s “Original Sales Certificate”
Must attach Motor Vehicle’s “Original Sales Invoice”
Must pay “Vehicle’s Registration Fee, Number Plate Fee, and other Levi able Taxes”

Imported Manufactured Motor Registration Documents;

Application for Registration of Motor required “Form-F”
Owner’s ID Card Copy
Must attach “Import Permission”  Copy that issued by the Custom Authorities
Attach “GD Photo Copy” at the time of showing original payment of all taxes and duties
Attach “Copy of Sales Invoice” if directly buy from the motor manufacturer
Attach “Bill of Lading” Copy
Must pay “Vehicle’s Registration Fee, Number Plate Fee, and other Levi able Taxes”

Fee Description of New Motor Registration:

Fee Rates of New Vehicle Registration are mentioned below.

Motorcycle or Scooter Registration Fee
Up to 70cc Motorcycle Registration Fee is PKR Rs 1000/-
71cc till 100cc Fee Rate is PKR Rs 1500/-
101cc to 125cc Fee Rate is PKR Rs 2000/-
126cc to 150cc Fee Rate is PKR Rs 2500/-
Exceeding of 150cc Fee Rate base on 2% of the vehicle’s value.
Other Transport Vehicles such as Tractors, Trucks, Buses, Rickshaws, and Taxies Registration Fee base on 1% of the vehicle’s value.
Vehicles such as Combined Harvesters, Rigs, Rod Rollers, Sewerage Cleaning Plant Motor, and Excavators Fee Rate are PKR Rs 300/- each Motor.
Non Exceeding of 1000cc Vehicle Fee base on 1% of the vehicle’s value.
Exceeding of 1000cc but not exceed to more than 1500cc is 2%.
More than 1500cc but not exceed to more than 2000cc is 3%.
More than 2000cc is 4%.

Required Document for Motor Ownership Certificate:

To get ownership certificate, you need to attach below mentioned documents.

Attach “Application in Plain Paper” from recoded owner
Attach “Candidate’s ID Card” Copy
Attach “Vehicle’s Original Registration File” if vehicle is registered under “File Return Scheme System”

Attach “Vehicle’s Original Registration Certificate” in which update of Token Tax Payment included


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