How to Make your Android like iPhone

Are you an Android user who secretly envies the sleek and polished interface of an iPhone? Do you wish your Android device could emulate some of the features and aesthetics of Apple’s renowned iOS? Well, you’re in luck! With a few tweaks and the right apps, you can transform your Android into an iPhone-like experience. Let’s explore how you can achieve this transformation step by step.

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How to make your Android phone look and feel like an iPhone

Launcher Apps

The first and most impactful change you can make is to replace your default Android launcher with one that mimics the iOS home screen. Launchers like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher offer customization options that can replicate the grid layout and app icons found on iPhones. You can also find specialized iOS launchers on the Google Play Store that are designed specifically to emulate the iPhone experience.

Icon Packs

To truly capture the essence of an iPhone, you’ll want to change your app icons. Android allows for extensive customization, and there are numerous icon packs available that mirror the minimalistic and uniform design of iOS icons. Apps like Icon Pack Studio or Adapticons enable you to choose from a variety of icon styles, including those reminiscent of Apple’s iconic rounded squares.

Control Center Integration

One standout feature of iPhones is the Control Center – a convenient hub for quick access to settings and toggles. Android users can replicate this functionality by installing apps like Control Center iOS 15 or Power Shade. These apps provide a customizable control center that mirrors the aesthetics and functionality of the iOS counterpart.

Messaging Apps

Apple’s iMessage is renowned for its seamless integration and exclusive features. While you can’t replicate iMessage on Android, you can opt for messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram that offer a similar user experience. Additionally, consider using apps that mimic the visual style of iMessage, giving your conversations an iPhone-like feel.

Keyboard Customization

The default Android keyboard might lack the elegance of its iOS counterpart. To bridge this gap, install keyboards like Gboard or SwiftKey, which offer themes and layouts resembling the iOS keyboard. You can further enhance the similarity by adjusting the keyboard settings to match the autocorrect and predictive text features found on iPhones.

App Switching

Emulate the iPhone’s app-switching experience on your Android device by using apps like Fluid Navigation Gestures or Edge Gestures. These applications allow you to navigate between apps seamlessly using gestures, closely resembling the swipe gestures on iPhones.

Notification Center

The iOS notification center has a distinct look and feel. To mimic this on Android, consider using notification center apps like Material Notification Shade or Control Center iOS 15. These apps bring a unified and clean appearance to your notifications, akin to what iPhone users experience.


While iOS has its own style of widgets, Android excels in this department. However, to make your Android device more iPhone-like, opt for widgets with a minimalist design. Apps like KWGT or Minimalistic Text provide a wide array of customizable widgets that align with the simplicity seen on iPhones.

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In conclusion, transforming your Android into an iPhone-like experience is entirely possible through a combination of launcher apps, icon packs, and carefully selected customization options. While it won’t replicate every nuance of iOS, these changes can give your Android device a sleek and cohesive look reminiscent of the iconic iPhone interface. Experiment with different apps and settings until you find the perfect combination that satisfies your desire for an iPhone-like experience on your Android device.

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